5 Most Important Things To Know Before Getting A Dog

Alright so, after all the convincing of your parents and your landlady. After all the research on “Which is the right breed” or “Where to get a good puppy”.

You’ve finally made the decision of bringing that bad boy home.

And I wanna say one thing, “Congrats“!. That’s one of the best decision you can make for you and your family’s livelihood.

But Hold on there a little! Are you sure you are “really” ready to take care of that pup as soon as you bring him in? I know what you might be thinking “Well, I have done some research online and asked a couple of my pet-owning friends. So…….  yea sure I am hella ready“. Woah Woah Woah! Take it easy, don’t rush into things cause you know, “the consequences” will have to be handled by someone right? And we will not let you enter the field’s without any “HEADS UP”. So here are the Five most important things you surely need to know if you’re going to get a new puppy.

1. It Takes Time To Adjust

Yeah, it is really obvious but many first-time dog owners don’t think much of it. Thus they are not prepared. A newly brought pup will take time to settle in his new surroundings and also get comfortable around new people. Which takes time and… how much you ask? Well, it depends on the puppy. You might be lucky and your puppy might adjust the very next day. Or your puppy might be a little on the shy edge and will take a while. But for the sake of it, I’ll say a good 2 weeks. So be prepared for some sleepless nights and some puppy crying for the first few days. But don’t worry every dog-owner has to go through it.

2. Do you have the time?

Well, you know a puppy is a living thing. Yeah just like you. And so does his requirements are (yeah just like you X). He will be needing regular walks, frequent nail cutting, hair trimming, also frequent hugs and a lot more. So yes, basically it is like caring for a baby “It requires attention“. Although how much? will very much depend on what kind of breed the dog is and also on the puppy. So make sure you have plenty of time kept aside for your dog. But if you are a really busy person, you can go for a couch potato. Although you will have to allocate some time for your dog anyways, be it an hour or two.

3. Are you prepared for the bills?

Owning a pet is not the cheapest thing out there. Dog food, medicines, toys can add up very quickly. And not to mention vet bills, which can get very expensive. So, please be sure you can afford those necessary bills. And if you are a minor be sure your parents are ready to spend some bucks for your puppy every month. But nevertheless, we will help you get the best deal out there for your dog products. So that your puppy and your pocket stays happy!

4. Is your environment dog-friendly?

Every dog is different and will suit different environments. But according to the dog breed your going to get, is your house suitable? Do your house have a backyard if its a large breed? Or is your house big enough? Will you be able to easily clean your house after your dog spilled something or perhaps did his dirty work :p? Or are their people allergic to dogs? Or maybe there are naughty kids. You should check your environment and then give it a tick if its alright for the dog you will be getting. If not then well, get a dog suitable for your particular surroundings or maybe a fish tank who knows! (jk).

5. (Very Important) Will there be anyone who will look after your dog while you’re gone?

Now as the sub-heading suggests it is very, very important. Do you have somebody responsible who will happily look after your dog and take care of all its need while your away for a vacation? Well, of course, you do “your friend Bob will surely take care right?“. Umm… I’m not saying Bob is irresponsible but what the heck is wrong with you! You can’t just leave your precious little fella with someone who does his homework while teacher’s collecting, do you?…….. I mean you get where I’m coming from right?

Looking after a dog is not a very easy task if you are a stranger. So make sure you have someone very responsible who is willing to take care of your dog when you have gone for a while. And not some cheeky friend down the block (especially bob).

Anyways exceptions can always be made. And never get discouraged by this post, which is absolutely not the post’s motive. This is just so that you know what you’re going for and be prepared for it! You have made a great decision of getting a puppy, make sure you will be able to take the best care of that tucker. Good Luck!

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