6 Essential Items To Pick Up Before Bringing Your New Dog

You “can’t” just get burgers without your fries, can you? ;p. Therefore before bringing your dog home. Make sure you got all the necessities you and your pup will be needing throughout this wonderful journey.

Take it easy, we will guide you through all the items and make you familiar with each of them on the way. 

So that you know, what to load your cart with. For your new-coming puppy.

Here are six very important items to get before your tucker reaches home :

1. Dog Food

Yes, you have to be prepared with some amount of dog food (let say at least a week worth of food) before you bring your dog. And make sure that the dog food is as same as the breeder (or the person who was in charge) was feeding. This is necessary because the puppy might refuse newly introduced food right away. As it will be obviously strange for the puppy but also because new puppies have a tendency of having an upset stomach. And after that you can always transition from the current (breeder food) food to your own preferred dog food in a span of a few days or a week maybe.

2. Food Bowl

Okay, so you got the dog food great! But you can’t just place the food on the ground and hope for your puppy to eat it all, do you :)? 

That is why a Food Bowl is very important. And to be specific a good food bowl. I’ll not recommend those fancy plastic ones. Those are not sturdy and can easily get destroyed. A food bowl will prevent the puppy from spilling the food all over (well most of it). And also help the puppy in eating. Which a regular laying-around bowl won’t necessarily excel at.

So bottom line get a good food bowl and also a separate water bowl if possible. So that you don’t always have to switch between water and food. Which can be a pain. And mostly you can also leave the food in the bowl that way. So that your pup can always come back and have a taste.

3. Leash and a Collar

Well, you will be walking your dog a lot. And I hope you don’t expect your dog to walk beside you like a gentleman on the first day (or maybe ever, who knows :p). Seriously, you get my point, right? A leash is very important when outside. Especially to prevent your pup from wandering & smelling all over like crazy and even escaping (whoops). 

And speaking of escaping. You should and always should get a collar preferably a harness which’s got a place to enter the ID tag, And also to put the owner information as well. So that if by any chance your puppy goes missing. The person that finds your dog can always contact you and return your snuffy back.

4. Puppy “Crate” (Important)

When a new puppy arrives it’s all shy and nervous. And a crate is what provides them with the sense of belongingness. An allocated space, just for the puppy to hang out in. 

Moreover, it helps with the house training. You will have to train your puppy at some stage and it starts with the crate. It gives you all the control you need over the puppy thus a better environment to teach your pup the maths (oops not “maths” my bad).

And it also helps get through sleep-time smoothly. So get a crate right now!

5. Toys

A puppy likes to experience stuff with there mouth. Yep, exactly like we interact with our hands. But often times this little interaction will turn out to be well …, a chewed necklace, scratched furniture, torn mat and the list goes on (teething). The solution you ask?

Simple, just replace those things with toys or better yet with your hand! (jk). 

Now basically there are two types of toys, chew toys and the toys you don’t leave with the pup every time the “interactive toys”.

Chew toys as the name suggests, is made to cope with the teething of the puppy thus saving your necklace from getting chewed. These are meant to be left with the puppy all the time. Depending on how much your dog is teething the chewing toy will vary. For aggressive teethers, a hard chew toy like a bone or an antler will be ideal whereas a thick rope toy will be enough for a moderate teether.

Keep adding to the toys frequently if you can. Updates old toys and also keep’s the puppy happy.

Now as far as the other toy category is concerned. It’s more like a fun-time toy which your puppy likes. You can engage with your puppy with that toy. Maybe tell him to fetch it or play tug of war. Or huh… maybe you can play with it too (if you like <3).

6. Treats

Now, this is pretty much self-explanatory. Dogs like treat! And that’s why you gotta take full advantage of it. You will have to reward your dog when he acts nice, maybe when he does his dirty work in the right place, when he listens to your command, when he behaves like a good boy and all that nice stuff. So that your puppy is aware of the fact that what he’s doing is something which is appreciatable.

Bottom-line always have a bag of treat around, cause you never know when that little pup can surprise you with its manners. 

Alright, so hopefully now you have a list in your hand which is ready to be ticked off as soon as possible. Cause you know, you don’t wanna wait till your tucker finally arrives. And also share your opinions in the comment box below maybe you can tell us what’s your checklist when you get a new pup. Good Luck!

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