Animals are an important part of our situations!

Be it Christmas, or be it anxiety.

They’ve always been there to lighten the mood up!

So, why don’t we keep our promise and keep it good

by taking the best care possible of our buddy

for what that furry creature is to us!

But we often find ourselves in a position

where things are just there to hang and

everything’s on the flow with no control over

our actions or our busy schedule. We tend

to prioritize things and leave our pets need

untouched, resulting in an inactive

and unhappy Buttercup and moreover an

unhealthy relationship 🙁

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But that’s where Feed My Doggy comes into play! You see, we have seen a lot of pets not taken care of and a lot of unhealthy pet-master relation.

  A vision of establishing a society where every pet owner is educated and knows what to do in the worst situations so that their beloved pooch is always wagging its tail and the master stays secure knowing there is a creature who will be by his side no-matter-what!

 Rest assured cause in this journey of ours, we are going to guide, suggest and even give-away stuff to you. So no matter what situation it is, you and your bud will always rock it!

Oh yeah, you will!